The History of Cricket

All those who wish to learn about the history of cricket will be able to find more information on this dedicated page, where its origins and evolution will be briefly presented, allowing people to better understand the subject.

Having its origins in the Tudor times of the early 1600s’, in England, cricket has also been unofficially dated as having been born far earlier, in the 1300s’, although these claims have never been successfully proven. One of the earliest evidence of cricket being played as a game dates back to the year of 1598, when at a court case in Guildford, the locals were engaged in a game called “creckett”. This evidence was brought forth by a scholar of the Guildford Free School, John Derrick, which witnessed this occurrence back when he was still a pupil.

Although numerous critics claim cricket originated from children’s games, there are numerous bits of evidence which support the fact that it was introduced by adults which were playing it as so called “inter-parish” or “village cricket” games.

As time passed, the game suffered extensive improvement and modification. In fact, this was prominently seen in the 18th century, which brought the most extensive set of changes and alterations to the game. Some examples include the development of the single wicket form and the arise of betting, which in turn lead to the creation of the “select Xls” gatherings, hosted by rich patrons of those times.

Another important change which was seen in the game was the transition from the rolling motion of the ball, to a pitching one, this way forcing the players to throw the ball towards the batsman. However, this fact also determined major changes and redesign in the configurations of the bats, which took an elongated form and replaced the old, “hockey style” ones.