Enter the World of Cricket and Cricket Equipment

All those who are practicing sports, must have heard about cricket at least one time in their lives. This popular sport is the choice of numerous people, of all ages, regardless of gender or race. Due to its inherently enthusiastic progression and multiple similarities with baseball, one can call cricket “the European baseball”.

This website aims at offering people a good look into this sport, which often-times might be neglected or insufficiently covered, despite its fascinating game play and characteristics. Having grown in popularity over the years, this sport has managed to grow exponentially and currently, there are numerous countries which have adopted it along with a great deal of practitioners.

Featuring a quite simple set of rules and accompanying gear, cricket has an almost irresistible appeal to many people all around the world, especially those found in the Anglophone countries, such as England, Australia and other former colonies all around the world. Since the English people carried with them the sport wherever they went into their conquests, there’s no wonder how the sport managed to increase in popularity so quickly and has been adopted in so many different cultures.

One country which has seen an impressive implementation of cricket in its culture is India, where it managed to develop significantly. It has produced a number of competitive teams and great players, which compete with the Europeans and Canadians.

The ability to play cricket at clubs has greatly improved the public reception, making it accessible to all social classes and facilitating the spread and rise in popularity, even in the ranks of those who weren’t part of the sports community.

For learning more about the history of cricket, its beginnings and other interesting facts about its emergence in the world, readers are invited to have a closer look on the following pages, where more details will be shared.