Cricket Helmets and Protective Equipment

Designed to offer protection from unwanted impact, all the pieces of gear, including the helmet, have also seen constant evolution and redesign over the years. More information about the helmet and protective accessories will be offered on this page.

With the main purpose of protecting the striking batsman’s head from impact, the helmet features a dual layer construction, with soft padding in the inside and a hard, outer shell, with increased impact resistance, for offering protection even from the hardest hits. Additionally, all helmets feature a dedicated chin guard, which offers ample room for movement, but at the same time do not compromise on the protective qualities. Made out of hardened metal, coated with successive layers of impact-resistant paint, the chin guard features and articulated hinge, for easy removal during the periods in between two games.

Recent years have brought technological developments in many types of material. With the increase in strength of laminated products such as plexiglass or polycarbonate, the adoption of such materials has also been seen in the manufacturing of cricket helmets. The visors made out of perspex or other similar materials offer increased visibility, while still retaining that all important protection.

In terms of other accessories meant at offering protection, one can notice the extensive padding used for the arms and legs, in areas where the potential for impact is highest. Arm guards, tight pads, wicket keeper pads or batting pads are just some of the types of accessories used for protecting players’ arms and legs. They all feature articulated constructions, in order to offer flexibility and freedom of movement, but at the same time provide the required protection.

In the same category of protective accessories, one can also add the two types of gloves used, those that are required by the batsman and those used by the wicked keeper. Each model emphasizes padding and impact protection, much like the football or baseball gloves.