Cricket Apparel Run-Down

Being focused around the highly dynamic nature of the game, the cricket apparel was developed in order to facilitate a comfortable and efficient gameplay, while still retaining the protective capabilities. The information provided on this page will revolve around the clothing used in this sport, its characteristics and particular traits.

Featuring a white theme all throughout the entire clothing line-up, the cricket apparel expresses purity and nobility, by maintaining the overall clean and immaculate look of the players.

The classic clothing set for a player includes a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, depending on the season and location of the game, a pair of trousers and corresponding sweater, all man made out of mixtures between synthetic and cotton materials. Maintaining a blend between the two ensures that both breathability and fit are accounted for, since the levels of mechanical stress and sweat are less prominent than in other sports.

Cricket shoes come in various colors and types, and are very similar to tennis or running shoes, but have increased structural rigidity in the sole and improved lateral support. Furthermore, one of the defining characteristics is that they feature metallic or plastic crampons, detachable or not, depending on the brand and game play characteristics.

One of the other important pieces of apparel is the helmet itself, which was designed in order to offer protection from incoming balls and accidental ball hits. Offering internal padding and a bit of a harder outer shell, the helmet features a wide chin-guard, destined at deflecting any impacting balls. While the most common color choice is represented by blue or aquamarine, there are also players who used black or green for their helmets, offering good contrast to the surrounding environment.

The gloves used by the wicket keeper and non-striking batsman are also designed with protection in mind, offering increased grip and catching capabilities for the incoming balls.